Emma, 1 year old

“I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support in sleep training Emma. I never imagined I would be able to put her in her crib, close the door and she would sleep happily for 12 straight hours without crying or fussing at all! I am simply amazed!

I just wanted to share my appreciation for all your efforts and guidance. There were some nights I probably would have quit if not for your gentle encouragement.”

You are truly a gem and I’m so glad I found you.”  Rasha Singer



Malika, 9 months old

“I would like to thank you very much for the great experience I had with you throughout my baby sleep training time. I never thought that my 9 months baby will sleep through the night. Especially that she is my third child and I always fed very bad sleeping habits to her sisters.

    Thank you for working out a schedule that is doable for me taking into consideration my busy day as a working mom.

    I felt secured during the challenging days because you were always there with fast replies on WhatsApp giving clear structured instructions.

    The training process didn’t put pressure on me as you were being flexible when schedule wasn’t perfectly followed as well as finding alternatives.

     I have been recommending sleep training for every mom because it has absolutely changed my life.” May Selim



7 month old Twins

“Sara this is to express to you my utmost happiness with the results of my babies ‘sleep training with u

To be very honest it is a dream that came true I thought I will never be able to have a normal life , normal sleep and normal morale after my delivery

I was about to be on medication due to a deep depression that was mainly due to the fact that I literally don’t get 1 hour of sleep at night

This training is life changing seriously and I owe u a big big big thank you.

Raising a twin is so challenging and the lack of sleep made it impossible for me to peruse my duties towards them as a responsible mum.

The real value is not only giving me the schedule and the strategy to be implemented , but the real value for me was your dedication and your availability when I needed u most. U were so so soooo patient and understanding and u keep on following up with me even after we finished the training. As we speak I still seek your help and even in things not directly related to the sleep and y still manage to be there for me.

Thank you thank you thank youuuuu.” Mom of 7 months old twins



Ahmed, 9 months Old

“I can’t thank you enough for helping us to sleep train Ahmed. For months we were suffering from sleepless nights and exhaustion! Until we finally reached out to you! What a progress!!! Ahmed was waking up almost every 2 hours throughout the night wanting to feed. His naps were too short and he was really exhausted throughout the day. Now he’s sleeping 11-12 uninterrupted hours through the nights and taking 2 solids naps. This was a dream come true. You have changed our lives and we are so happy we did this! We couldn’t have made it without you.” Chayma Karkoura



Leila, 9 months old

“My baby was around 9 months when I finally decided that I need to do something about her sleep. She used to sleep at around 1 am and wake up 3 to 4 times through the night to feed and go back to sleep (by rocking or breastfeeding) also she would sometimes wake up at 5 am and decide that that’s it, she’s up to play and start her day. I got to a point where I was soooo tired, drained, unhappy, and stressed and all the feelings you mamas know. So I got in touch with Sara from Sleep Train Me who managed to literally change our lives and became the best thing that has ever happened to our family since I gave birth. Today thank god after two weeks of training, my baby puts herself to sleep completely on her own, takes two full naps, eats properly, barely ever cries and SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! It’s such an overwhelming feeling, I never thought that her sleep could change so much. The first time she slept through the night I woke up 4 times in denial thinking something must have happened to her and eventually I started getting enough sleep myself and wake up ON MY OWN, ready to start the day and with a much much better mood. This was the best investment I have ever done, I just bought myself years of good night sleep, happier baby and much more.” Nelly Nagm



Adam, 8 months old

“My 8 month old boy, Adam, was only sleeping (both day and night) in my arms, and yet was cranky most of the day. I am against the cry it out method but while Sara’s approach does involve some tears, they are limited, the results are quick to see and the rewards way too many. I am extremely satisfied with what she has helped us achieve. Our day is much more eventful now and I am confident that this is helping Adam grow and develop. I highly recommend Sleep Train Me, and want to thank Sara a whole lot for her patience and responsiveness during the program.” Alia & Wisam



Jamila, 5 months old

“This is the least I can say for the whole thing. Couldn’t be happier with the results of our baby’s sleep training. We actually saw changes from the first night! Didn’t know it’s even possible for a 5 months old to sleep for straight 10 and 12 hours through the night! We’re back to quality sleeping myself, my husband and my baby. I now have energy to give her time and getting back to my life. Definitely worth having changes in my lifestyle concerning committing to a nap and night sleep schedule. So happy I chose you Sarah, your continuous support and being there whenever I was anxious or stressed in any hard night is what made me go on and reach where I am today with a 6 months old baby who sleeps on her own in a separate room and just soothe herself back to sleep if she woke up anytime earlier than 10 hours! So thankful for the whole experience.” Sohaila



Ali, 20 months old

“ I am a full time working mom, with a 20 months old boy that only slept if I pat his back for 45 minutes and still woke up 3 times a night.

Sleep Train Me gave me my life back J I have more time at night to spend with my husband since my son’s bed time is much earlier that it was before, I go to work much more energized after having an uninterrupted 7-8 hours sleep at night! Most importantly my son is a much happier baby when he wakes up and after he naps!

What I loved about working with Sara was the consistency and determination of her approach, when I wanted to give up in the middle she held my hand and guided me throughout the way. After the 4th day I could already see the difference. The process she uses is so subtle, simple to follow and not traumatizing at all for my baby unlike other sleep training approaches I tried before!” Maisoun.



Zoe, 2 years old

“I would like to thank you so much for the help and support you gave us through the last 2 weeks.

Me and my husband are so happy that finally our little one can sleep by herself through the night.

When you came to us 2 weeks ago, we were so miserable and didn’t believe that this could get any better, after trying everything for the last year with our 2 years old toddler.

We lost hope that anything can help her to sleep through the night. That was affecting us as a family.

All the sleepless nights, being tired through the day, and affecting our little one as well, cause she didn’t get enough sleep.

The gentle method you taught  us was so helpful, and we were seeing the results from the very first few days.

All the support and the kind words you gave us made the last 2 weeks easier.

 Me + Henning + Zoe and  Mia would like to thank you so much.

We cant express enough how happy we are.” Dana



Adham, 9 months old

“After 9 months of being completely against sleep training, I caved. My 9 months old son was sleeping in our bedroom and there was a lot of co-sleeping, he reached a point where he needed to be feed to sleep and was waking up every 2 hours to be fed.

 As a full-time working mom, I had no time for myself at all and certainly no time with my husband. I was utterly exhausted. We decided it was time to sleep train and for the first time, my son slept for 12 hours straight! Sara was great at advising and guiding us and was more than happy to answer a ton of questions. She was always available throughout the training and even after it was complete to continue to guide us. Most importantly, we have our lives back thanks to Sara.” Amanda



Zane, 3 years old

“We had always been strict about routine and getting our baby to sleep on time. However, all that changed last year as he had to undergo a big surgery. Since then, his sleeping pattern changed and so did his habits. We were in emotional/mental turmoil when we contacted Sara….Broken night sleep for us and our toddler. And now 12 days later, we are happy, better rested and enjoy each other’s company. It is a joy to spend time with our son as he is not constantly crying, whining and throwing tantrums. We could not recommend Sara enough!

Thank you, Sara, for helping us make such an invaluable change!” Lubov



Selim, 11 months old

“Selim’s sleep was a nightmare, he never slept unless I’m at the same room looking to me till he fell asleep and if it happened that he woke up in the middle of the night, he cried and screamed to the extent of taking up to 2 hours trails getting him back to sleep. Definitely after meeting Sara and following her steps, it made a huge difference to our lives ( my hubby and me) and to Selim himself. For example I moved him to his room and surprisingly he now sleeps continuously till the morning and for us for sure longer fixed hour of sleeping!” Shahy